Van Buren Man Wins Car On ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) -- A Van Buren man and his wife had no idea they would come back as game show winners after their trip to California.

"My wife had an idea to take a trip for my 30th birthday," Joshua Thomas said. "She was interested in trying to do a game show while we were in Los Angeles and it was actually all her idea."

It just so happened, Joshua was called on stage during Let's Make a Deal.

"It was exciting," Thomas said. "It was actually very intense. It was a long process and it was just a lot of excitement. You had to stay motivated and just be in the moment. It was very enjoyable, though."

He played a game called Car Pong and won a Mazda 3i Sport after sinking the ball in the middle cup right as the buzzer went off.

"I was very excited," Thomas said. "It was tense there for a little bit. They gave me some extra time, but when it fell, obviously I was a little excited, but I ended up coming away with a car and a little bit of cash to go with it."

Joshua said he is thankful for the opportunity and can't wait to take his new car for a spin.

"It was an incredible experience, and I was very blessed to get to play for it," Thomas said.

Joshua and his wife were not allowed to tell anyone about their winnings until the show aired and they celebrated Thursday (Oct. 6) night at a watch party with family and friends.