28th Annual Mule Jump Attracts Out-Of-State Attendees

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PEA RIDGE (KFSM) -- The 28th Annual Mule Jump brought in about 6,000 people and it not only attracted community members, but also out-of-state attendees.

Les Clancy and his family traveled from Missouri and brought nine of their mules to compete in the events.

Clancy said mules actually enjoy things like this, "You'll see later that they really enjoy jumping, you know if you treat them well, treat them good, they'll have fun with you."

A couple from Florida travels to this event every year and this year, they say the timing was just right. "

We've had this trip planned since last year, of course," said Cesil Wise, "it just happened that Hurricane Matthew came in right when we were leaving."

Mr. Wise and his wife live in Florida and were under a mandatory evacuation, but already had set plans to visit the Pea Ridge Mule Jump.

Mr. Wise says one of his favorite memories at the Mule Jump was when a boy and his grandpa were the final two competing for first place.

He says it's moments like that one that keeps him coming back to such a family-oriented and wholesome event.