Hurricane Matthew Evacuees Attend Razorback Game

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Fans have been anxiously waiting for Arkansas to play Alabama this season, but some fans are here under different circumstances.

Carson Case and his friends are students at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. They were told to evacuate this week because of Hurricane Matthew.

The guys packed up their things and headed to Arkansas, driving 15 hours to evacuate.

On the bright side, these students watched the Razorbacks take on the #1 team in the nation, but Case said their thoughts are still with the people back on the East coast.

"I think it's crazy," Case said. "Being from Arkansas, a hurricane is not an issue, and then being there, we've had the issue a year ago, but it was more flooding. What we're looking at now, it hasn't been too bad where we live, but I know I've spoken to people and called people whose homes are flooded. They're losing stuff, and their cars are flooded, and they can't drive anymore. So, it's a scary situation, something I've never experienced."

The students said they plan to head back to school on Tuesday, unless conditions are still bad.