Street Drugs Off The Street In Benton County

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GARFIELD (KFSM) — The Benton County Sheriff’s Office gave a shout-out to Sergeant John Sheppard and Deputy Bubba Brooks for getting some illegal drugs off the street.

On Facebook, the agency stated cocaine, methamphetamine and pills were taken off Twelve Corners Road in the “32” — “32” refers to the zip code 72732.

In another post a picture of a glass pipe and a could of pills are displayed.  A caption reads, “More meth and pills out of the “32” early Saturday (Oct. 8).”

Benton County Sheriff's Office

No details regarding arrests, if any, and the agency’s public information officer tells KFSM that a report regarding both incidents should be available Sunday (Oct. 9).

An aerial view via Google maps shows Twelve Corners Road is a two lane road with fewer than three dozen homes, or buildings, that line the neighborhood.

Most homes appear to be on large lots.

According to a 2014 press release, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division seized drugs, cash, guns and more at a home on Twelve Corners Rd.

Five people were arrested.