Who Won The Second Presidential Debate?

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ST. LOUIS (KFSM) — Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton faced off for the second time on Sunday (Oct. 9).

The second presidential debate of the year started at 8 p.m. in Washington University in St. Louis.

The debate was in the form of a town hall, where half of the questions were asked directly by citizens. The other half of the questions came from moderator Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor.

The first presidential debate on Sept. 26 was the most-watched debate in American history, breaking the record formerly held by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan’s 1980 debate.

After the first heated debate, vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine faced off on Tuesday (Oct. 4) at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

So, who won the second presidential debate?


  • Donald P. Gantzer

    The Trumpster pounced on the tire, lifeless baby killing Jezebel … no response or any apology from Killary on the 14 year old child tragic rape case where she was the defense attorney for the admitted rapist. Or no response about how she laughed and bragged about how she got a rapist off.. no apology…on the four women that Slick Willy (and he looked like death warmed over) fondled and raped…. The Jezebel has been given a double standard and thinks she is above the law. The Trumpster said no more Mr. Nice Guy Killary you are going to jail when I’m elected!!! No response to that either!!

    She is a Jezebel; A washed up accuser with no substance of integrity, honesty, humility, truth, or self worth. She is a hypocrite that can’t stand on her own merit so she uses all the hate speech and Democrat bile regurgitated from her rotting corpses. Kick her to the gutter.. with the other trash…

    • Teresa Greenlee-Hesselberth

      Donald – you must not be from Arkansas. All of the comments that TRUMP said last night was NOT true. Here is the info on the Rape Case: As a lawyer, she defended a rapist: While this is true, she was ordered by a judge to take the case. When she tried to get out of it, the judge denied her request. So, she could have either thrown her career down the drain or followed through with what she was legally required to do by defending a client she didn’t want, but was ordered to defend by a judge.

      Here is the info on Benghazi
      No, Hillary Clinton didn’t “sleep through” the Benghazi attack: Actually, when the Benghazi attack occurred, it was mid-afternoon in Washington and she issued a public statement at 10 p.m. that night. Even in her infamous emails it shows she was emailing people around 11 p.m. that evening about the attack. There was no “stand down” order given by Hillary Clinton or the Obama administration: Yeah, despite popular right-wing folklore, this never happened. Furthermore, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton “didn’t actually have that POWER”!!!

      • Charlie Fowler Jr.

        T…. I lied in Arkansas 15 years and know the TRUTH about the KlintonKrime Klan. One of my BEST FRIENDS was with the HIGHWAY PATROL and told me stuff that will CURL your PUBIC hair if you have any. I was in radio/ tv and at first we were FORBIDDEN to report about the klintstones until your HERO rapped a little black girl in SE ARKANSAS. Now, your ZERO HERO has a black daughter. She’ll be at the next debate demanding a DNA test. Hillary BITCH SLAPPED the SHIT out of billy bob last night after the debate. The FAB FOUR were there. There’ll be MORE next debate. So cry us a fucking GLACIER. YOU LOSE.

  • Voncile Stone

    Trump won hands down.. The corrupt media are all in shock… Even though the moderators interrupted him 26 times and cut his time while allowing Hillary lrun off at the mouth…. He still looked Presidential and stood tall!!

  • triamrider

    It used to be that corruption was buried deep in the psyche. Now it manifests itself as festering pimples on the butts of both the donkey and elephant and are sold as tourist attractions for the muddled masses.

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