Oklahoma Middle Schooler Gets Detention For Talking About Creepy Clown Sighting

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. — An Oklahoma middle school student is the latest to get in trouble over the scary clown craze — but she was only talking about it.

Tim Butler said his wife saw a creepy clown walking down their street last Thursday (Oct. 6), which frightened her.

Butler said his 12-year-old daughter told her friend what her mother saw while they were between classes, which is when she got in trouble.

“Principal walked up behind her, told her to come to the office and gave her lunch detention for a week because she was talking to one of her friends that live in our neighborhood about the clown that her mom had saw,” Butler told News 9.

Butler told News 9 he as upset because there isn’t a policy that restricts discussing clowns in the school handbook, and parents also weren’t told that children couldn’t discuss them.

Other parents in the district said they were afraid punishing students for talking about something bad would set a bad precedent for the district.

Butler agreed and said that the school needs to lift the punishment.

“If she happened to walk by a window and see someone standing there that was in a clown costume, she’s been instructed not to say anything,” he said.  “Is she going to tell a teacher?  I mean it could save lives too.”

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