Third Fayetteville Mayoral Candidate Wants More Fiscally Responsible City

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Voters in Fayetteville will have three names to choose from when they cast their ballot for mayor this year.

One of them is Ron Baucom, a life-long Fayetteville resident who grew up in the city's southside and graduated from the University of Arkansas.

"I'm a very hard worker. You'll get my very best effort," said Baucom, who's running a shoe string campaign that currently consists of fliers and phone calls. "I'm very conscience and I love our city."

The 59-year-old former Walmart store manager and current auditor for a local contractor is running against incumbent mayor, Lioneld Jordan and businessman Tom Terminella.

5NEWS has also spoken with both Terminella and Jordan on their mayoral campaigns.

Baucom said his experience with business and numbers will help him lead the growing city, which he said is leaving some residents behind.

"We've got so many folks struggling, and I want to make a difference to them, plus all of the other citizens of Fayetteville," Baucom said. "We have to be able to use those resources to benefit our entire community. Not just certain segments."

The city is on the right track, said Baucom, but he added that he wants to see a more fiscally responsible Fayetteville.

"I'm going to be the very best steward of our taxpayer dollars that I can possibly be, to benefit our entire city," Baucom said. "Not just the prosperous."

The candidate can be reached on his Facebook page or by phone at 479-426-4063.