Arkansas Supreme Court Rejects Petition Against Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — The Arkansas Supreme Court denied a petition that would pull the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment from the November Ballot on Thursday (Oct. 13).

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016, which would legalize marijuana for medical use, will be put to vote on Nov. 8.

According to court documents, the Arkansans Against Legalized Marijuana group petitioned the supreme court to review the amendment, arguing that the ballot title is misleading in four areas:

  1. It falsely informs voters that the amendment will place limitations on medical marijuana use for qualifying patients
  2. It doesn’t notify voters that the amendment will allow marijuana dispensaries to sell food and drink containing marijuana
  3. It doesn’t show the amendment’s effect on employers, landlords, churches and schools
  4. it doesn’t inform voters that doctors, lawyers and professionals can’t be denied a license to practice for using medical marijuana.

However, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled each point of contention was without merit, documents state. The first three points were denied based on precedent, as the supreme court recently heard a petition against the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act, which is also set to be on the November ballot.

The court also disagreed with the final point. It ruled that the ballot title informs voters that professionals wouldn’t be subject to forms of discrimination based on medical marijuana use.

The supreme court concluded that voters will be able to reach an informed decision based on the ballot’s current wording. Therefore, the petition was denied.


    • Mike Haring

      A cold doesn’t qualify. the medical card provides additional regulation and tracking.
      It’s not hard. Think of a liquor store being licensed, regulated, taxed and rules of operation. That’s how cannabis is in legal states. Illegal in public. Illegal to drive DUI. Strict and effective driving laws. Colorado officers are tops in the nation for recognizing high driving. They have procedures, laws and test in hand. There is less prosecution in Arkansas today for driving stoned, than in Colorado.
      If you like looser regulations, prohibition and unrestricted cartel trafficking in your state, then do no vote for this.
      This bill controls cannabis. takes it off the streets, away from local dealers who do need an id and sell to kids. Sets up an office to license and police. licenses the workers. Builds school at a rapid rate.
      Some may prefer it the way it used to be. Back when there were one lane bridges in Johnson. I do. Un-fortunately property values, population and tourism will rise dramatically in Arkansas. Passing this law is the responsible choice.

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