Prairie Grove Farm Owner Says Luke Bryan Concert Is Worth The Clean Up

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PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) -- A local man is left with quite a muddy mess after thousands of people packed his farm to see country music star Luke Bryan in concert Thursday night (Oct. 13), but he said the concert was well worth it.

The concert took place in Nathan Ogden's farm in Prairie Grove. The weather before and during the concert caused several delays as people tried to leave.

"They had to help 12 cars get out, of 45 hundred cars, 12 cars ain`t bad, and then the buses and semis all had the problems and then they went ahead and pulled those guys out," Ogden said.

The mud caused cars and buses to get stuck, but Ogden said the concert was still enjoyable.

"That`s a sign of a great time," Ogden said. "There`s a little mud hole back there that I knew nobody could resist it when you get that many party people in one area, but yeah somebody went out there and cut donuts in it."

Chad Reeves, a friend of Ogden's visiting from Colorado, said the concert was amazing and different than concerts he had been to in bigger cities.

"Yeah, I mean we've been to big concerts down in like the Pepsi Center, Red Rocks, I mean Red Rocks is fun but it`s still nothing like this," Reeves said.