Eagles Find Success In Move To 8-Man Football

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Change from what you are accustomed to is never easy, but for the Union Christian football team their transition for 11-man to 8-man football has been a beneficial alteration.
"We don't have to have as many players," said coach David Peach. "The fact that we can sub in the few that we do have to give some people a break it's just made us much more competitive with who we are playing."
Prior to this season the Eagles played in Class 2-A region-4 and finished the 2015 campaign 3-6 overall. This season they have doubled that to 6-2 overall, and they have even been able to do something rare in 8-man football which is shut-out opponents.
"Our defensive coach wants to take the fun out of 8-man football," said senior Hunter Hammond. "We are trying to look at it from a defensive stand point. It is a lot faster it just takes a lot out of you."
Now with a winning season their goal is to go further in post-season then they ever have before.
"That's the thing about this we've made playoffs in the past, but we knew we didn't have much of a chance," said senior Christian Snipes. "It's awesome to know that we do have a chance and have something meaningful to play for. It just gives you that extra motivation to keep going late in the season when it gets tough."
Union Christian will play Wright Christian on October 28th.
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