Adventure Arkansas: Fall Colors

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With the cooler temperatures arriving, you may have noticed some of the Fall colors starting to appear. Many of you have asked when you can expect to see the peak Fall colors where you live. 5NEWS meteorologist, Garrett Lewis, has more in this week's Adventure Arkansas.

In this week's Adventure Arkansas, we're taking a look at the Fall colors and when you can expect the peak colors in our area.

Fall colors emerge when the Earth tilts away from the sun, less daylight means less chlorophyll, which makes plants green. The colors first emerge to the north and then spread to the southern latitudes with decreasing daylight.

The attached video was taken this week from our sister station in Iowa where fall colors are at their peak. So what about our area?

In Northwest Arkansas the leaves are about 20% changed. The expected peak is next weekend with the best color from October 25th to November 5th.

Next weekend should be ideal for rides on the pig trail or a trip to Devil's Den.

Farther south the peak colors will change about a week later with the best color expected from November 1st until the 10th.

This is the best time to see color at Mt. Magazine and Queen Wilhelmina State Park.

The colors have been slower to develop this season due to the warmer than normal temperatures, but the cool air moving in should cause much more change in the coming days.

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