Flavors Of Fall: Neal’s Cafe

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For this week’s Flavors, Megan Graddy was at Neal’s Café in Springdale, they have been serving up great food for 72 years.

This Springdale staple serves a large crowd, but not just to Northwest Arkansas.

Don Neal is a 3rd generation family member who stands behind his family’s food.

“We have people come in from St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, we serve the best of better foods and I believe in that with all of my heart,” said Don.  “We have the best food anywhere.”

Neal’s daily specials will have you wanting to eat there every day of the week.

“Sunday’s we serve chicken and dressing, we are closed on Mondays, Tuesday was have chicken and dumplings, Wednesday we have a meatloaf, a wonderful meatloaf, it’s my favorite,” said Don.  "Thursdays we have turkey and dressing, Friday a chicken pot pie, and Saturday we do a smothered steak.”

Aside from their daily special they have a core menu that is too good not to try.

Not to mention the chicken fried steak comes from a local butcher and is hand breaded daily.

They also feature a filling chicken fried chicken.

“The best, the absolute best chicken fried steak you will ever have in your life,” said Don.

Some other favorites are Roast beef, cat fish, and they are known to cook up a good burger.

How about dessert? The day before Thanksgiving, Neal’s sells 300 pies every year.

Don said their pie is…

“Second to none, there I nobody that puts out the pie that Neal’s Café puts out.”

Don is confident in his family recipes and after four generations of cooking things just like grandma, you just don’t fix what isn’t broke.

“What we say around here, is we get you once, we are gonna get you again,” said Don. “All we gotta do is get you once, get you in the house one time, you know eat with me one time and you’re gonna come back, and we believe that.”

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