Are Voters Required To Show I.D. At The Polls?

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Early voting started on Monday (Oct. 24) and voters are still unsure if their identification is required to vote.

"It was actually confusing that they were actively asking people for their IDs because my understanding was that you didn't have to show an I.D. to vote," said early voter Adam Sigler.

Although poll officials are required by law to ask each and every voter for ID, the voter can openly refuse.

The only voters required to show ID are those who were flagged because they are missing information from their voter registration form or they are first-time voters.

"Only a small number of voters in Washington County are required to show their ID," Washington County Election Coordinator Jennifer Price said.

For more information on voting requirements, click here.

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  • Never go full liberal

    This needs to be changed, EVERYONE should be required to provide a photo ID to vote. This is just as important as having an ID to drive a car, buy or rent a house, cash a check and there is no excuse for someone not to have some form of ID.

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