Fayetteville Hosts Mobility Plan Workshops

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The City of Fayetteville wants to hear from you about the improvements it can make to its transportation system and that includes everything from parking and driving to walking and biking.

Citizens of Fayetteville got to vote on strategies that they think will improve mobility like filling in sidewalks where they discontinue and adding protected bike lanes in key corridors during a mobility plan workshop put on by the city on Tuesday (Oct. 25).

“My husband is a huge biker and so safety on the bike trails, lighting and just the continued connecting of those,” Susan Long said.

Long said she'd also like to see changes to paid parking.

“The shuttle idea is great, in paying a shuttle fee to get back and forth would be fine but I've lived in Fayetteville my whole life and I feel like it`s just taking away from who we are and who we've always been,” Long said.

City engineer Chris Brown said residents are voting on ideas that they came up with at an earlier workshop the city had in May.

“For driving for instance, intersection improvements, should we look at improving intersections? Should we look at large scale widening? Should we look at demand management, trying to get people to get people to look at other modes and what are the various strategies around that,” Brown said.

Brown said that they will also use their findings to decide where the city puts its money, for example building new sidewalks versus road widening.

He said that so far a lot of people have expressed interest in walkability and pedestrian safety.

“We're very concerned about safety especially around schools and increasing our sidewalk network, increasing our bicycle network and making it more safe in areas where we have weaknesses,” Brown said.

Other suggestions have included increasing bus routes and installing a bikeshare system.

The city expects for the master plan to be published and presented to the city council between April and June of next year.