Deputy Finds 25 Pounds of Marijuana During Traffic Stop

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VIAN(KFSM)- A man has been arrested after a Sequoyah County K9 Deputy found 25 pounds of marijuana inside his vehicle, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Grant Kanouse, 55, from Sturgis, Michigan was pulled over near Vian for speeding  on Wednesday(Oct. 26), said Sheriff Lockhart. The K9 officer alerted on the vehicle and the deputy was given permission to search the car. He then discovered several bags of high-grade marijuana, according to Sheriff Lockhart.

Kanouse was arrested and taken to the Sequoyah County Jail.


  • afreedomfighter88

    Cannabis prohibition is a stupid waste of police and court resources.

    An estimated $150,000,000,000 (150 BILLION) PER YEAR from recreational cannabis sales in America goes directly into the hands of organized crime and criminals. Legalization will take this fortune away from criminals and drug lords and place it into the hands of legitimate responsible business.

    Another $15,000,000,000 (15 BILLION) is wasted on needless cannabis law enforcement.

    Another $30,000,000,000 (30 BILLION) lost in potential tax revenue.

    BILLIONS and BILLIONS down the toilet every year due to ridiculous cannabis prohibition laws that make no sense and destroy people’s lives daily.

    Legalize, regulate and TAX! Vote YES Nov 8

  • quilting301

    Wasting tax payers money making these types of arrestz. Good job Vian you probably have caused some poor child to suffer massive seizures tonight or made another desperate family worry if their parent or child will receive their medical majuriuna for their pancreatic cancer! Why don’t you spend your time looking for that crazy nut out their murdering everyone,or keeping an eye out for the REAL DRUG HEADS THOSE CRAZY MURDERING CRACK HEADS! THEY ROB US BLIND! And your arresting people moving high grade medical majuriuna 99% of the population use this NATURAL MEDICAL HERB…. This is the biggest lie the government ever put out there! Drinking beer & Liquor is more addictive then this natrual herbal plant that has been growing on this earth since who knows when! You have used it for a means to collect money from fines & etc. From the people for years! And a reason to collect & imprison the black population. You have ruined many of people’s lives for no reason. The government hid it’s medical advanges because the pharmaceutical companies lobbying to keep it hush hush & paying everybody on Capitol Hill good. It’s sad how corrupt our political process & politicians have became! AND THEY ARE ALL SCRATCHING THEIR HEADS WONDERING WHY IN THE WORD WOULD SO MANY PEOPLE WANT SUCH AN UNSEASONED PERSON AS DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! BECAUSE ALL THE SEASONED EXPERIENCED POLITICANS SOLD US OUT TOO MANY TIMES…. OVER & OVER AGAIN… WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOOSE WITH HIM? NOTHING. .. WE HAVEN’T A DANG THING LEFT!

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