Washington County Plans To Address Legality Of Voting Booth Selfies

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- As many young voters cast ballots for the first time, a new question has emerged, is it legal to take a selfie in the voting booth?

Eighteen states have implemented laws which ban voters from taking a selfie while voting.

Arkansas is one of several states with unclear laws on cell phone usage at voting locations.

Washington County only bans talking on cell phones. Election Coordinator Jennifer Price said the selfie is relatively new for election officials.

"I've asked our county attorney to look into it and give us advice on what we need to do," said Price, who wants to avoid any distractions for voters. "We'll follow what the county attorney gives us and then we'll look into what the secretary of state recommends."

The election commission will regroup sometime before Election Day on November 8 to discuss selfie policy, said Price.

In the meantime, Price said her poll workers are being asked to use their best judgment, while also asking voters to be respectful of others.

"We're asking anyone taking selfies if they're in the polling place, that it's not obnoxious, they're not being disruptive and that they're observing other people's privacy," Price said.

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