Arkansas Supreme Court Suspends Issue 7 From November Ballot

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — On Thursday morning (Oct. 27) the Arkansas Supreme Court disqualified a medical marijuana proposal that will appear on the ballot in the November Election, ruling that it failed to receive enough qualified signatures.

The court ruled the issue failed to get the required 67,887 signatures to put the measure on the ballot, after disqualifying more than 12,000 signatures, according to court documents. Now the issue is nearly 2,500 signatures shy of the ballot requirement.

The court sided with a petition against the amendment stating that the Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin incorrectly counted some of the signatures collected by Arkansans for Compassionate Care 2016, specifically some that were gathered by paid canvassers who didn’t meet proper state guidelines.

The ballot will still appear on the November Ballot. However, the measure cannot be passed.

Issue 7 would have legalized marijuana for medical use, as well as allowing for medical marijuana dispensaries. Patients who live more than 20 miles from a dispensary would have been allowed to grow a limited amount.

Another medical marijuana proposal, Issue 6, will still appear on the November ballot. Earlier this month, the Arkansas Supreme Court rejected a petition against the Medical Marijuana Amendment.



  • Samuel Land

    Corruption as usual in the Natural State. Democracy in Arkansas is a joke. Never mind that the marijuana is here all the same already. Never mind that the illicit trade finances almost every underworld criminal organization we have. Never mind that it will help Arkansans who suffer. Tyranny plain and simple.

  • michelinda

    I am 50 years old and this was my first time to vote. I was excited to be part of something and did my homework. I was just penalized for voting early. I studied the issues and was told if 6 and 7 were passed, that the one with the most votes would go into effect. I wanted 7 to be in effect because it covers more medical conditions and made it possible to grow at home with permits. So now my vote is useless – and I can’t go back and vote for 6. It would have been better than nothing. It should be against the law to change the ballot AFTER voting has started. If I had known this, my vote would have been different – I was not INFORMED as a voter. Now as a first time voter I have lost a lot of faith in the system and I will never early vote again.

  • Aspie4ever (@Aspie4ever)

    I know some skullduggery went on behind the scenes, to get that to happen. I wonder who paid off the supreme court to do that? Hutchinson? It’s really sad when you have to BEG your State Employees (Legislators, Governor) to allow you to get and stay healthy. They are some COLD-HEARTED INDIVIDUALS, you folks voted in here, in 2012. Well, enjoy and reap what you have sown, because these guys are gonna give you the business, but I don’t think it’s gonna be quite the way you wanted it. The rest of us will just have to suffer thru it. I hope God forgives them, because I know a lot of suffering and dying individuals who will not. EVER.

  • Mike Haring

    Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) announced yesterday that in 2015 legal MJ had a positive 2-BILLION-dollar impact on the state, from sales tax, increased tourism and reduced cost of enforcement and incarceration. It accounted for 18,000 permanent jobs.
    In Denver you can drive down the street and buy a joint. Pretty much the same in NWA. However, in Colorado part of the money goes to new schools, law enforcement improvements, mental health and drug treatment. As well funds businesses which create jobs. In NWA it goes to the Mexican cartels.
    Meanwhile at Children’s hospital the research and use of MJ has expanded. It’s a definite cure for childhood seizures. As well the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) has released findings in 2016 that it lowers mental health problems, is an effective treatment for LUNG CANCER, by opening up the airways and has shown to be very effective in treating brain cancers. One fact just becoming known is from word of mouth not the research community. Tinnitus is ringing of the ears. It can be debilitating. And the public at large is now confirming that although not a cure certain strains reduce related hearing issue and the ability to cope by 90%.
    Colorado is in its 10th yr. of medical, 3rd yr. of legal. The state has the best mental health ratings in the nation. they are also the ‘leanest state’. Although trying to get a pizza delivered on the weekends is near impossible, or a 2-hour wait. And good luck finding pop tarts or goldfish on the Walmart shelves.
    If you visited CO without knowing, you likely would see the ‘dispensary’s’ but that’s about it. Beyond that it’s almost invisible. Most apartments complexes and private renters forbid it as a condition of lease. It’s not allowed in public and you don’t see it there often. If you didn’t see the ‘green medicine’ shops, you likely wouldn’t believe it’s completely legal in CO. People overall are very very responsible. The incidence of underage gaining access has gone down 75%. A new poll just out shows the Underage claim MJ is harder to find now than ever.

  • Sandy Ryers (@RyersSandy)

    We can’t wait years! We are in horrible pain and dying and we want to die like ourselves not driven insane by pain. Medical cannabis helps period. It sometimes cures period. There is a huge difference between a chronic pain patient or a dying patient and a drug addict. I am a chronic pain dying patient and I know thousands of others through my support groups who try there very best to not be dependent on anything. They won’t take the opiates their doctors prescribe because they don’t want to be dependent but at the same time are crying for mercy from their pain. Medical cannabis is the best option and my doctor said he would prescribe it in a heartbeat and it’s the only thing that would help me as we’ve tried all the opiates which by the way have much worse side effects and are much more addictive and dangerous. Please, please don’t make us suffer any longer. This is our last hope. I take the Marinol they speak of. It’s only THC and it’s addictive cause they add something to it to make it that way. The medical cannabis contains the parts of the plant that are healing instead of just the psychoactive parts and is not addictive to patients in pain. There is a difference between someone seeking drugs to escape something in their life or for the high and patients who don’t want to take anything but require and need something for unimaginable pain! Please vote for medical cannabis.

  • lurker48

    Next election let’s “Drain the Swamp” and vote these backward 50’s thinking people out of office. What they don’t realize is this Proposal crosses party lines. This is not a Proposal only Democrats or Republicans want passed. This is a Proposal humans want passed.

  • Debbie Shook

    What I would like to know, is what politicians, companies or other enity do I need to vote against or stop shopping from or in whatever way my rights as a citizen can let them know what I think.

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