Issue 7 Backers Urge Voters To Vote For Issue 6, Still Cast Ballots For Issue 7

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — After the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down the Medical Cannabis Act, also known as Issue 7, Thursday (Oct. 27) the group Arkansans for Compassionate Care, which wrote the measure, is urging voters to vote for the other medical marijuana measure that is still on the ballot.

Issue 6, known as the Medical Marijuana Amendment, withstood a petition against it earlier this month.

In a statement, Arkansans for Compassionate Care encouraged voters to vote for Issue 6 to ensure there will be lawful protection for medical cannabis patients. The group also encouraged voters to continue casting their votes for Issue 7 in the event the Supreme Court’s decision is overturned on appeal.

Deputy Director of Issue 7 Ryan Denham issued this statement:

“It’s not easy reversing 80 years of cannabis prohibition. ACC placed a medical cannabis law on the ballot in 2012 and we were narrowly defeated. We came back with an army of volunteers and successfully placed Issue 7 on the ballot. We’ve been up against many hurdles including the Governor, Attorney General, Surgeon General, a competing campaign and two lawsuits. We will keep fighting, ensure that no patient faces arrest for using a safe and effective medicine, whether that protection comes from Issue 6 or Issue 7.”

There are several differences between Issue 6 and Issue 7, they are outlined below:

Issue 6 Issue 7
Title Medical Marijuana Amendment Medical Cannabis Act
Changes to law Adds amendment to Arkansas Constitution Adds Chapter 65 to Arkansas Code Title 20
Qualifying conditions 17 qualifying conditions 56 qualifying conditions
Grow-your-own provision Does not allow patients to grow own plants Does allow patients to grow own plants
Amount distributed Dispensaries can distribute up to 2.5 ounces per patient every 14 days Dispensaries can distribute up to 2.5 ounces per patient every 15 days
Local prohibition Voters can prohibit dispensaries in local communities No provision for local prohibition
Regulating agency for patients The Arkansas Department of Health The Arkansas Department of Health
Regulating agency for dispensaries A new Medical Marijuana Commission and the Alcohol Beverage Control The Arkansas Department of Health
Dispensary nonprofit requirement No requirements Required
Revenue allocation Revenue allocated to cover administration costs; remaining revenue: 50% to Vocational and Technical Training Special Revenue Fund, 30% to the General Fund, 10% to the workforce training programs, 5% to the Department of Health, 4% to Alcoholic Beverage Control administrative and enforcement division, 1% to the Medical Marijuana Commission Revenue allocated to cover administration costs and, of the remaining revenue, provide medical cannabis to low-income qualifying patients



  • Sue McGee

    As to the removal of Issue 7 from the ballot AFTER early voting had begun, take a look at page 20 of the 2015-16 Initiatives and Referenda, Facts and Information for the 2016 General Election, particularly this paragraph:
    Court Decisions. If the sufficiency of any petition is challenged such cause shall be a
    preference cause and shall be tried at once, but the failure of the courts to decide prior to
    the election as to the sufficiency of any such petition, shall not prevent the question from
    being placed upon the ballot at the election named in such petition, nor militate against the
    validity of such measure, if it shall have been approved by a vote of the people.

    • Debe Hudson

      You are absolutely correct. Also, Kelly Dyan Crawford says:
      So here’s the bottom line… according to the laws and regulations, if Issue 7 is voted in by the citizens, the Supreme Court will have no choice but to allow it to go into effect because they waited until today to reach a decision and the election officially opened on the 24th. That being said, I refuse to encourage people to vote for both issues. 7 needs more votes and I have no doubt that we will get them. Keep holding your signs and make news ones that say to vote yes on 7 anyway because the Supreme Court will have no choice but to accept the decision of the people due to their inability to provide a decision before polls opened.
      David Couch will NOT stop us! We’ve come too far and I for one will NOT back down, and I’m sure many of you feel the same!!!
      Also, we need this put on all news channel fb pages and need to go as public as possible with this. If any of you have any connections with the media, now is the time to use it! This is a scandal and the news loves to expose them!!! They want to play dirty, but let’s beat them at their own game!
      The key here is, DO NOT STAY SILENT!!!!!!
      We’ve reached out to thousands of people, we’ve just gotta keep on and get this message out there ands well!!!
      Also, about voting for both, vote as you feel necessary, despite what anyone tells you. If you feel 7 is the right choice and 6 is not, then vote 7 only. It will go in our favor. If you feel like 6 is better than nothing, then by all means, vote for both.
      As for myself, I’d rather have to wait another 4 years to get the right one passed than to see the wrong one go into action that will require 2/3 vote to override or change instead of more than 1/2 votes. If 6 does pass and goes into effect, it will never be amended to fit the needs of the patients and the patients needs are why I joined THIS campaign group and not the other!
      Either way, vote YES on 7!!!

  • michelinda

    I am 50 years old and this was my first time to vote. I was excited to be part of something and did my homework. I was just penalized for voting early. I studied the issues and was told if 6 and 7 were passed, that the one with the most votes would go into effect. I wanted 7 to be in effect because it covers more medical conditions and made it possible to grow at home with permits. So now my vote is useless – and I can’t go back and vote for 6. It would have been better than nothing. It should be against the law to change the ballot AFTER voting has started. If I had known this, my vote would have been different – I was not INFORMED as a voter. Now as a first time voter I have lost a lot of faith in the system and I will never early vote again.

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