Dickson Street Theater Project Moving Along

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Plans to transform the former Dickson Street Theater into August & Louie are moving forward.

An artist rendering was recently released that depicted the front exterior of the building that is expected to replace the current sight located at 227 W Dickson Street.

Plans call for the building to be razed and replaced with a three story theater. Two smaller screens will play independent documentaries, said Brian Hill, a co-owner of the building.

A third screen will house an audience of 250-300 when the building opens in late 2017 or early 2018, said Hill.

"We want to bring in movies that you might not see. Maybe local filmmakers make something and they want to premiere it here. We'd love that," Hill said. "We want to bring stuff here that people haven't seen and change perspectives and start conversations."

With this addition to Fayetteville, local filmmakers would have a spot to premiere their works, said Chase Goforth, who calls the area home.

He said Northwest Arkansas has seen a boom in small productions.

"Lots of stuff is getting produced here. Lots of commercial work," Goforth said. "We have a new sound stage that's being built here, and this thing is just going to be a gem for us to be able to show our local audience what we're capable of doing here."

Hill was one of three men who bought the property two years ago, hoping to turn the building into a destination on the busiest and most popular street in the area.

"I'm excited to have a place that people want to come to and just hangout. If it's see a movie, if it's grab a beer, if it's get some food," Hill said. "Whatever it is, just have those people come here and just experience life together."

Goforth said he's looking forward to having one of his films air on an August & Louie theater screen one day soon.

"It's so great to watch your film the first time. On your home turf, with a bunch of friendly people that are really excited to see your film," said Goforth.

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