Vets Say Keep Halloween Candy Out Of Reach Of Pups

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Too much candy can lead to a stomachache in little trick-or-treaters, but it could lead to much bigger consequences for their four-legged friends.

While cats usually are not interested in sweet treats, dogs are. That's why animal clinics are typically busy in the days following Halloween.

"It gets pretty hectic just from panic of 'oh my gosh my dog got into the candy,' but they are fine right now to later on in the day when we start to see, 'hey you know fluffy has been throwing up all day today' or we started seeing diarrhea or they had accidents in their cages," Dr. Christy Booth said.

Booth said the best way to avoid that is keep all candy away from pets, especially dark chocolate. She said milk chocolate is not as much of an issue because of all the other ingredients in it.

"The biggest thing we see is upset tummies, so vomiting, diarrhea from eating things that they`re not used to eating," Booth said. "Not necessarily anything that is life-threatening per se, but very messy and makes them feel pretty puny for a while."

Booth said owners should also keep their pets away from sugar-free candies that contain Xylitol because it can be toxic and lead to low blood sugar and in severe cases, even liver failure. Wrappers can also be a problem.

"Wrappers and other things like that we worry about. Usually they are going to pass without issue, but if it has a lot of extravagant packaging,we would worry about them eating the whole packaging and it potentially causing an obstruction, somewhere it got stuck, somewhere that could require surgery," Booth said.


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