GRAPHIC: OHP Releases Videos Showing Deadly Shootout With Michael Vance

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BUTLER, Okla. — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released videos on Tuesday (Nov. 1) of the deadly shootout with a double-homicide suspect who has been on the run since Sunday, Oct. 23.

Michael Vance, 38,  was killed Sunday night while law enforcement agencies were investigating a possible sighting near Hammon, Oklahoma.

Vance was accused of killing two relatives in Luther and shooting multiple people, including two Wellston police officers in Lincoln County.

The shootout occurred on Sunday, when officers were called to a wooded area near Hammon in western Oklahoma after a person said they found the silver Mitsubishi Eclipse thought to be stolen by Vance. However, he fled the scene.

Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander pulled over a flatbed truck around 9:30 p.m. Sunday night after noticing it had a chain that was dragging and throwing sparks, reported KFOR. However, Vance was driving the truck, and when he was pulled over he got out of the vehicle and shot Sander in the shoulder and arm. Sander was taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Vance fled the scene and then led troopers on a short chase, eventually stopping in Butler, Oklahoma. There he engaged in a shootout with troopers, which is when he was fatally shot.

On Tuesday, OHP released helicopter video of the chase and shootout, KFOR reported. Another video shows dashcam footage of an OHP trooper exchanging gunfire with Vance.

Both videos show Vance using his truck as a shield from Troopers’ fire and trying to roll it backwards into troopers. They also show him falling to the ground.

WARNING: The videos below contain graphic and violent content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Helicopter video narrated by OHP Chief Ricky Adams:

Dashcam video narrated by OHP Chief Ricky Adams:

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