Bella Vista POA Explains How It Counted Fee Increase Votes

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- The Bella Vista Property Owners Association held an emergency meeting Wednesday (Nov. 2) following the results of an election having to do with assessment fee increases that would have gone toward improving POA amenities.

Some residents attended the meeting hoping there would be a recount after the fee increases did not pass Nov. 1 by only a handful of votes. Many were confused about how the POA counted "abstain" votes.

The results regarding Question #1, which asked residents whether there should be a $9 increase for improved properties, were as follows:

  • Yes: 9,615
  • No: 9,144
  • Abstain: 147

The question needed 51 percent of the vote in order to pass.

The percentage was calculated as follows: 9,615 divided by 18,906 (9,615+9,144+147)= 50.85 percent. While the POA did not count the "abstain" votes as "no" votes, they were factored into the total votes that went into determining the percentage.

Some homeowners said they were disappointed by the way their votes were counted.

"I was disappointed that they counted the 147 votes as part of the total votes, I thought they should've left them out." Andra Atteberry said. "Abstain means I don't take part in."

Others were glad the fee increases did not pass.

POA Council Member Doug McCash said he hopes the POA will be able to continue providing amenities for residents without the extra funds.

"In my opinion, the POA provides a great service to the members of Bella Vista," he said. "We're hopeful that even though this vote failed that we can continue to provide a high level of service to the members of Bella Vista."

Question #2, which asked voters whether unimproved property owners should pay $3 more in fees, also failed.