Fort Smith Barber Shop Bans Political Talk Until After Election

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Most barbershop conversations are limitless, but Bobby G's Haircut Shop has created one rule: no talking about politics.

"I had two customers arguing and almost went to fisticuffs," barber Bobby Goodwin said. "I know things are rough. This election is unlike any election I've been through. Usually, barbershops are notorious for talking politics, but this one, people are so wound up for some reason."

So Goodwin said enough is enough and posted a sign on his door that  reads: "No politics spoken here until after the election."

"I had to do something," he said. "I came up with this sign, and so far, it's worked. Now, after the election, we'll have to see."

As for the bickering customers, Goodwin could only think of one thing to calm them down; he turned to the Razorbacks.

"That got them to talking about the Razorbacks and I felt like that got me out of that one," Goodwin said.

Although customers can't mention Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the new sign is becoming quite popular in the neighborhood.

"I have people lined up to pick their kids up from school, and I [saw] some of them shooting pictures," Goodwin said. "They think it's a great idea."