Local Parents Say 2016 Election Is Making Their Children Anxious

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Some parents in Bentonville say they have noticed the 2016 Election is making their children anxious and they are ready for Tuesday, Election Day, to be over with.

Kayleigh Smith, who is 13, said she is worried about either outcome.

"[It is] stressing me out because if either of them wins, the country, or the world, is going to be a little bit different than it is now," she said Sunday (Nov. 6). "It is going to be hard to adjust."

Parent Joann Phillips said it is all her six-year-old talks about.

"My six-year-old comes home from school everyday, just talking nonstop about how everybody at school is talking about it," she said. "How most people do not like Hillary [Clinton], most people do not like [Donald] Trump, but everybody is just sick of both of them."

Smith said it is almost impossible to avoid with the amount of political content on social media sites.

"It is all over Instagram and Snapchat and everything," she said. "There are a whole bunch of nasty memes about both them."

A couple tips to help children cope with campaign stress: go outside and monitor your child's political consumption online.