Day 2: Jury Watches Interrogation Videos In Mauricio Torres Capital Murder Trial

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- On day two of testimony in the capital murder trial of Mauricio Torres the jury watched two more interrogation videos between police and Torres, who is accused of killing his six-year-old son, Isaiah.

WARNING: The details of this case could be disturbing to some readers.

The jury also watched a third interrogation video Tuesday.

All the recordings were between Torres and Bella Vista Capt. Tim Cook. Torres asked to speak with Cook twice saying he wanted to make things right.

In the video, Torres tells cook Isaiah’s death was accidental and he was ready to pay for his sins.

Although Torres said multiple times he couldn't betray his wife, Cathy, who is also facing a capital murder charge, he said he doesn’t want to pay for his son’s death alone.

The prosecution told the jury during opening statements the child died after he was sodomized with a stick.

In one of the videos, Torres tells Cook about inserting the object in his son's rectum while they were on a camping trip. He then said Isaiah was made to stand in the corner and do squats. When he wasn't going fast enough, his wife pushed Isaiah down and he fell on the stick. Then later in the day complained of stomach pain, so Torres gave him Pepto Bismol.

When Cook asked Torres about the object that hurt his son, Torres said he didn’t know what it was or what happened to it. He then said he and his wife are both guilty and part of the mistake.

Cook also asked Torres about the chemical burns found on Isaiah’s back and he told him Isaiah had gotten into cleaning supplies left out in the bathroom.

Torres is facing the death penalty on charges of capital murder, rape and battery.

His wife is scheduled to go to trial on the same charges in May 2017.

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