Mays-Hunt Ready For Playoff Run With Tigers

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)--Kam'ron Mays-Hunt has already become a special player in just two seasons for Bentonville.

"He's a natural gifted athlete, and just some of the stuff you can't coach he has. His footwork, his hands, just his hips...and we find ways to get him the football, we'd be crazy not to. He needs to have a certain amount of touches and we've gotta continue to do that as he's continued to grow and develop in our program," head coach Jody Grant said.

The other player directly impacted by Mays-Hunt is quarterback Canaan Ross. "He's pretty amazing honestly, cause the better target he is the less accurate you have to be. So he's always good, I always know I can just throw it out there and he's gonna get it," said Ross. "He knows how to naturally get open, I don't really know how to explain it. He can get open, he finds the holes. He hasn't dropped a single pass all year."

With Mays-Hunt dominating on the football field, you wouldn't expect that baseball is the sport he'd like to continue to play at the next level.

"Baseball is my first sport. My mom made me play baseball at the age of four, I played up. So baseball is my first sport," Mays-Hunt said.

The junior moved to Bentonville from White Hall and immediately showed off his athletic prowess.

As Ross recalls, "So one day we're at practice and I was sitting over here at the 20 and I was like, I'll give you five bucks if you can hit the goalpost right here. So from the 30 yard line he was like 'okay, give me five bucks'. And he just launched it and hit it and I had to give him five bucks.

Mays-Hunt's justification? "If you can hit a 90 fastball you can pretty much do anything."

Arkansas and Arkansas State have expressed interest, while the Louisville recruiting twitter account recently followed Mays-Hunt. Whether he's throwing 92 off the mound or catching 60 yard touchdowns, the future is bright for the multi-sport star.