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Local Artist Paints Over Hate Speech And Inspires National Movement

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FAYETTEVILLE(KFSM) -- A Fayetteville sign painter sprang into action when she heard of hate speech that had been spray painted on a building downtown and now she has prompted other artists around the country to do the same thing.

Olivia Trimble said it all started when she was tagged in a photo on Facebook of hate speech written on the old Fayetteville Hospital building.

"I got up and I came up here and without thinking about a design or much at all, I did what I could to cover up the hate speech as quickly as possible so that no one would have to see it," Trimble said.

When she posted the repainted the piece of plywood that was used to board up part of the building, she posted the photo to Facebook and it took off from there. Trimble calls the movement Repaint Hate.

"The momentum behind this project, it's not me, it's all of these awesome people in our city and in our region who took the time to share, who took the time to reach out to brainstorm, to give me help about how to grow it," she said.

To find out more about Repaint Hate, click here.

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  • Benny Hill

    Her heroic act? Give me a f***ing break. God you liberals are insufferable. Hey, tell that artist to cover this – F*** You!

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