Safety Pins Used For Nationwide Political Movement

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- After the Presidential Election, people across the country are flooding social media with posts about safety pins. Wearing a safety pin on your clothes is part of a movement that originally started when people in the United Kingdom were concerned with the Brexit decision, and now say the safety pin is a symbol of unity and safety.

University of Arkansas Political Science Professor, Dr. John Gaber said although this movement didn't work during Brexit, that's not what it's about.

"Did it change anything? No," said Gaber. "But it did allow an opportunity for people to get a political opinion across without having to go through some major posting on Facebook or something."

He said any visual political communication is a way for people to publicly make a statement.

Why a safety pin? Gaber said you can find them around the house, it's convenient and cheap, but that's just one reason.

"It represents safety, but also represents tying two pieces together and unity."

The movement is also making a splash in the Twitter world.


While millions are supporting this movement, many are not.


Gaber said the movement just made its way to the U of A campus.

To find posts about the safety pin movement, search #SafetyPin on any social media site, and posts that both support and oppose will show up.

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  • Benny Hill

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Perhaps they can use these safety pins to hold up their diapers since they are crybabies who are full of sh*t.

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