School Districts Investigate Alleged Racial Slurs At Alma Game

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ALMA (KFSM) -- Friday night (Nov. 11), Alma hosted a high school football game against Blytheville High School. After the game, a few students reported some Alma students were waving Donald Trump poster heads and that they heard racial slurs some Blytheville students believe were directed toward them.

Richard Atwill, the superintendent of Blytheville Public Schools explained, "I was approached by a group of parents who were at the game on the Blytheville side and they said that a student section from Alma was chanting, "(expletive), go home."

Meanwhile, the superintendent at Alma Public Schools says, "we've investigated (the matter) every way we know to and we've come up with nothing and nobody."

Alma High School is predominantly white. The visiting team, Blytheville High School, is predominantly African-American.

A parent from Blytheville said, "They felt very threatened by it. They felt it wasn't good sportsmanship (and) they felt like there were some racial undertones to that."

Neither superintendent can say with complete certainty what happened -- only what they believe or have been told through their investigations.

"I think this was a misinterpretation and a misunderstanding by people in a different community across the state that don't really know us," Woolly said.

The investigations will continue from both sides.

Atwill remarked, "we've tried to get information from all the people we could who were present."

In the meantime, measures are being taken to diffuse what is a tense situation.

"What do we need to do to make sure this kind of stuff never happens again?" asked Woolly before answering, "Just talking with students and making sure they understand (the situation)."


  • Benny Hill

    The desperate hoaxing media using anything they can to discredit President-Elect Trump. These clowns have to concoct a faux race war because a Black football team lost to a White one. And there is no “tense situation.” The local democrat propagandists at 5 “News” trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe a “breaking” story can get them out of Fort Smith and into a better market like Tulsa. Losers.

    • Benny Hill

      And notice how the only evidence is a race-baiting jackass from Blytheville claiming they “felt” some “undertones.” It’s always the same song and dance with these victims. Another reason Trump won – people are tired of this BS.

  • arnold fudpucker

    Hey media. Your B.S. stories are just lies. More criminal activity by the libs. Hey media, your credibility is zero. Quit trying to make yourselves out to be relevant. You have been exposed!

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