Popular U Of A Student Parking Lot Set To Close For Stadium Expansion

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- As the University of Arkansas begins construction on the expansion of Razorback Stadium, a popular parking lot will be closed starting Saturday (Nov. 19).

Lot 44, or "the pit" as most students call it, is the parking lot directly north of the stadium. Construction crews will begin installing fencing around most of the lot Saturday morning and all vehicles will have to be moved by Monday morning.

"Students are used to parking in Lot 44, so I think that will be a big change, as far as learning where the buses are going to stop on that route," student Adraya McCoy said.

lot-44-closesLot 44 is popular with students because it is centrally located on campus. Student Katie Lynch said she parked in "the pit" a lot when she was a freshman.

"It doesn't affect me as much as many of the freshmen who live on campus, but when I come for meetings Wednesday or Thursday nights, I will have to park further away, which will affect me when its dark outside," Lynch said.

University Spokesman Mark Rushing said the university has been preparing for this expansion and has created other parking locations for students to use on campus.

"There are ample parking opportunities across campus and no matter what lot students faculty and staff choose to park in, we do have Razorback transit, so there's easy access from all of those lots to get to where they need to go on campus and beyond," Rushing said.

The university developed additional parking for students along Razorback Road that include 835 new parking spaces.

Students who parked in Lot 44 are encouraged to park in the student parking Lots 74, 74A, 74B, 74C and 74D, on the west side of Razorback Road, west of the outdoor track.

The stadium expansion project is expected to be completed by Aug. 1, 2018.

Map of student parking lots around Razorback Stadium: