Adventure Arkansas: Mount Magazine Rock Climb

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Our Adventure Arkansas Subaru has made the climb up Mount Magazine over a dozen times. Each time the sights at 2,753 feet never disappoint, no matter whether you hike, chase waterfalls, camp or hang-glide up there!

This time we get the rockiest view as Sean Bailey tags along with Arkansas State Parks to rock climb Arkansas’s highest point in this week’s Adventure Arkansas.

Time for a new way to top Mount Magazine! After signing some waivers at the State Park office, Arkansas State Park Public Information Officer Monika Rued, her climbing partner, Bill Fitzgerald, and friends intend to conquer the tallest feature in Arkansas, by climbing! Sean Bailey joined them to hike over to the south face of the ridge, just below where the lodge is.

Fitz says there’s plenty of options around these parts. "Mount Magazine has between 75-100 recognized routes and they go in difficulty from about 5.6 a medium range to a couple 5.13s which are a bit more stout."

And the conditions are cooperative too. "You can almost climb all year round Mount Magazine is about 10 degrees cooler than the valley floor, even in the summer."

The rock is also just right. "The rock in Arkansas is generally sandstone. This is super consolidated almost as hard as granite. At the same time I find it a little bit easier on your hands."

 For Monika, this is a sport she’s been practicing for about a year.

Even though her family thinks it’s a little crazy, "My father is a wonderful golfer, and he said I can’t see why people would want to climb a rock. I said, you know when you’re on the golf course and it’s shot to shot and you can’t think of anything else. And that’s what rock climbing is. Your mind is completely focused on each move, each task, solving problems and the whole time you’re doing it you get an amazing a view and sense of accomplishment."

Speaking of family, her 9 year old son is now on board with climbing as well, and it’s rewarding for her to see him reach his potential!

"Seeing him accomplish his goals and get to the top of the route he might not have been seeing the elation on his face, it’s rewarding as a parent."

And for more climbing fun, the other Arkansas State Park that offers rock climbing is Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

All day use amenities including climbing and hiking are free.

However, you will have to have your own gear and you do need to sign wavers at the park office before you climb.

For more information, visit the official Mount Magazine State Park Site and the Arkansas climbing blog.

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