Deputy Hopes Man Who Shot Him Gets Help He Needs

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Everyday is another day on the job for Washington County Lt. Ti Augustine.

The deputy returned to work in August, about five months after he was shot in the hip while responding to a 911 call on March 15.

It was a long road to recovery that left him ready to get back on the job and be around the people that he's worked with for years.

"I was really ready to get back and try to do my part," said Augustine, who has spent time talking to groups about his experience. "It just helps in the healing process altogether to be able to get back to some type of normalcy."

Since returning to the sheriff's office, Augustine has progressed to a full time shift, but spends most of his time in the office.

"I'm not able to do that yet, but I'm working towards that," said Augustine. He's made getting back out into the field one of his missions.

When talking about that day in March, Augustine said he doesn't carry around any ill feelings. In fact, he carries around a bullet similar to the one that tore through his leg, as a reminder.

"I don't have any... I don't harbor any bad feelings about it," Augustine said. "It's just something that happened and we're moving on."

As for the suspect, Raymond Plumlee, he was charged with three counts of attempted capital murder, but a mental evaluation determined he suffers from schizophrenia which makes him unfit for trial.

Augustine said the system is working the way it should be, while also giving the Plumlee family time to heal.

"He's getting the help that he needs," Augustine said. "If at some point he becomes fit for trial then justice can move on in that direction, and if he's not found fit for trial, then he can continue to get the help that he needs."

Plumlee could possibly face a trial down the road, if his treatment is successful.