Shopping Expert Cracks Store Codes So You Can Get The Best Deal

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- When shopping on the clearance isle, it's hard not to think you're getting the best deal possible, but what if you could do better? Sometimes buying something on sale means it's just a couple dollars off the original price.

Shopping expert Kyle James gave us the scoop on how to make sure you're getting the best deals even when shopping off the sale rack.

James is the founder of the Rather Be Shopping blog and it's his mission to crack stores shopping codes to help people save some money. He's spent about three years investigating and studying stores' clearance routines and he's figured out almost 15 stores.

James said sometimes it's hard to tell if something is on clearance or marked down, so knowing how to crack the code will help you determine exactly what kind of deal you're getting. He said it's all in the numbers.

target-clearance-stickerFor example, when shopping at Target, the magic numbers to look for are prices that end in an eight and four.

"If it ends in .98, .99, .04 or .24 it's typically a marked down price," James said.

There's a trick to those clearance stickers too. James said up in the corner of that tiny sticker there's a number you should look for.

"It will either be 15, 30, 50, 70 or 90. That's the percentage off of the original price," he said.

Another tip that will help you snatch the best deals at Target, James said the company marks down their items every 10-14 days, so you can wait and come back to get a cheaper price.

To print out a cheat sheet of all the stores James has cracked, click here.