Fayetteville Running Back Cleared Of Burglary Arrest After Centerton PD Arrests Wrong Guy

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Fayetteville High School starting running back Terrance Rock was cleared Friday (Nov. 18) of a burglary and theft of property arrest after Centerton police arrested the wrong person, according to Centerton Police Chief Cody Harper.

Harper issued the following statement: "The Centerton Police Department apologizes to Mr. Rock, his family and the Fayetteville Athletic Department for this mistaken identity."

Rock's attorney, Lance Cox, said Centerton police officers came to Fayetteville High School this week and arrested Rock during the school day accusing him of burglarizing a home in Centerton in September.

"He wasn't there on the date of the offenses," Cox said. "I don't believe he's ever been to Centerton before in his life."

According to a probable affidavit filed with Benton County Circuit Court, the victim of the burglary told police three teenage boys, who his daughter knew through a friend, stole speakers, a phone charger, two watches, and other items.

Police said the victim's daughter identified Rock on an Instagram account where one of the photos showed a black male wearing a Fayetteville High School football jersey, the affidavit states. After Googling the 2016 roster for the Fayetteville High School football team, officers determined Rock was the same male pictured in the Instagram photo, according to the affidavit. Police also collected messages between the victim and Rock in which Rock admitted to being in the home when the items were stolen, the affidavit states.

Cox said the problem is the Instagram profile officers looked at does not belong to Rock and the name "Terrance" in the messages cited by police is spelled differently than the way Rock spells his name.

Cox said now Rock is trying to repair his reputation.

"Terrance is getting killed on social media," he said. "His reputation has taken a tremendous hit."

According to Harper, after Rock was arrested, a separate juvenile came forward and announced his guilt to a staff member of the football team. This juvenile also plays football at Fayetteville High School and has a similar appearance and physical description as Rock, police said.

"Because of Terrance's association with the football team, I think they jumped to a conclusion too quickly," Cox said.

Head Coach Bill Blankenship said Rock will play in the quarterfinal game against Conway Friday night.

"They had reason to stand behind their player and they did it," Cox said. "I think there are a number of athletic directors and coaches in and out of the state of Arkansas who would not have done that, so I deeply respect them for it."

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