Fort Smith Fire Marshal Reveals Acting Past As He Demonstrates Thanksgiving Don’ts

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Thanksgiving is next week, which means turkeys will be fried, which also means local firefighters will be on standby.

"Never, ever put water on a hot grease fire," Fort Smith Fire Marshal Carey "Hootie" St. Cyr demonstrated Friday (Nov. 18). "Just stay calm, grab your lid, and place it over the pan itself and the fire will extinguish."

While interviewing him about what not to do on Thanksgiving, 5NEWS found out there's a reason Hootie is so comfortable in front of a camera.

"My father, like so many actors, they hold second jobs," he said, revealing an intriguing part of his family's history.

Acting is in his genes.

"He wasn't a world famous actor, but he managed to raise a family and put us all through school," Hootie said.

Vince St. Cyr had speaking roles in a John Wayne movie and was even in an episode of Star Trek. He's credited for roles in 27 different films on IMDB.

"As a child, I actually made a few television commercials with my father," Hootie said. "So that kind of exposed me to the business."

Some years, the St. Cyr family watches Vince`s old flicks during the holidays, but as a fireman, Hootie often spends those days on the job.

"For us, there`s been times where it was very late before we got a meal because we were out on calls all day or all evening," he said. "I`ve had [holidays where] cats come by and play with a candlestick and knock it over and next thing you know, house is on fire."

So for St. Cyr's sake, as well as all the local firefighters, take fire safety seriously this Thanksgiving.

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