Springdale High School Tagged With Vulgar Graffiti

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SPRINGDALE,  (KFSM) — Springdale High School maintenance crews were called to work on Sunday (Nov. 20) to assist in removing a plethora of graffiti off the exterior of the high school.

The names and initials used in several taggings on the red brick building seem to be gang related.

“X3” appeared in the photos, which “X” is the Roman numeral 10 and three is a common thread used in gang names.

The number 13 usually references the 13th letter of the alphabet, “M.” This letter can either represent “murder” or the Mara SalvaTrucha gang (MS-13), according to FBI investigations.

Springdale, however, according to an online search does not appear to have MS-13 incidents, but does have Savage Locos and Brown Pride Midgets gang activity, according to police reports.

At least one marking on the high school used the name “Springdale Midgets.”

Springdale High School Communications Director Rich Schaeffer tells KFSM that this happened overnight, Saturday into Sunday (Nov. 19, 20), and they have turned over school surveillance video to police.

“We have, on camera, the number of people who were there,” said Schaeffer, “we hope they’re caught, there is no reason for this … it’s disgraceful behavior.”

The school principal knows about the incident, and is working with authorities, according to Schaeffer.

Springdale Police Lieutenant Derek Wright said they are aware of the crime.

“We are investigating this as an act of criminal mischief.”





  • Adam Colquitt

    Incoming all the people who were quiet when white people were doing things here who just came out of the woodworks to appeal their cognitive dissonance and warped reality they’ve created for themselves to give themselves a safe space where their ignorance and hate is considered “acceptable”

    Soon people will be boycotting musicals for saying they hope the VP works for all of the people.


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