Gun Store Owner Says Sales Down Since Election

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Gun sales are down since Donald Trump was elected president, according to at least one sporting goods shop owner in Fort Smith.

"I just hunted and fished when I was a kid and I got into guns and bought my dad a shotgun when we were very young," Jerry Knittig said.

Knittig owns the Tackle Box and has been in the gun businesses for a while.

"We've seen a lot of elections come and go, but this has been the scarier election for gun control and ammunition and sportsmen who want second amendment rights," he explained.

Knittig is referring to Hillary Clinton's stance on gun control, but with the election of Trump, Knittig said the frantic need to stock up has gone away. That's not his biggest problem though.

"It`s just we need some cold weather," he said, "It's hunting and fishing season; when have you seen eighty degree weather in November like this?'

But Knittig remains optimistic.

"I think, in turn, business is going to be better."

He believes sales will eventually level off with Trump's anti-gun control attitude.