Two Accused Of Assault In Case Involving Brandy Bottle And Brick

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Joshua Horan (left) and Stanley Spencer

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — Two Fayetteville men were arrested on suspicion of felony assault and battery charges after a shard of a bottle of brandy, a brick and teeth were reportedly used as weapons during an argument between them.

Joshua Horan, 34, was arrested on in connection with aggravated assault and second-degree battery. His friend, Stanley Spencer, 29, also faces an aggravated assault charge as well as third-degree battery.

The charges stem from an incident at Hill Top Inn on South Thompson Avenue, Saturday (Nov. 19) shortly after 8 a.m., police say.

During an argument inside the motel room, Spencer reportedly broke a glass bottle of brandy and stabbed Horan in his left arm. Horan fled to the motel lobby and at some point grabbed a brick.

According to police, the two continued to fight inside the lobby and Horan swung the brick at Spencer’s head and then bit his face.

After, the two went back to their motel room and were arrested. They were taken  to Washington County Detention Center.

Bonds were set at $3,500 each. Horan was not released as of Monday afternoon. Spencer was released Monday morning, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.