Sequoyah County Game Wardens Seek Information About Shooting Of Bald Eagle

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ROLAND (KFSM) -- Oklahoma game wardens in Sequoyah County are seeking information on Monday (Nov. 21) about the killing of a bald eagle.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the eagle was shot in the head from County Road 4790, south of Roland, in Paw Paw Bottoms.

Landowner Chad Sheffield said one of his workers saw the eagle lying in a field as he passed by. He pointed out the spot on Tuesday (Nov. 22).

"There's feathers laying here where the eagle was shot or left," Sheffield said.

Sheffield said he called an Oklahoma game warden who came to pick up the protected bird. It was left intact.

"It takes a pretty big low life to shoot an eagle sitting on the ground like that," Sheffield said.

The crime is a federal one according to Oklahoma game warden Jeremy Bersche.

"There are state statutes, as well as federal, against killing most birds that are protected, whether they are game birds or not, but migratory birds and especially hawks, eagles and raptors birds like that are all federally protected," Bersche said. "Also, the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service has statutes against it as well. It is actually two different crimes in one. State wise, and of course there is federal, it's totaling in the several of thousands of dollars is what we are talking. Based on what happened, there could be others like, shooting from a county road. Stuff like that as well, but as far as taking the bird illegally, we're talking several thousands of dollars plus several thousands of dollars paying the state and the federal government back for that bird."

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is offering a reward and calls can remain anonymous. If you have any information, call (918) 431-3544 or (918) 431-2550.


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