Bentonville Artist Creatively Gives Back To Community

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Local artist, Paige Ray relates to small business owners because she's trying to launch one of her own. She said a building in Downtown Bentonville inspired her, so she decided to do something about it.

Sitting across the street from the Lawco building, Paige started painting and reflecting on how important small businesses are to the community.

"Small businesses help us out when we don't even realize it, so I'm happy to give back to others who are willing to give," she said.

Although she had never painted buildings before, Paige let her paint brush take the lead and do the talking for her.


She decided to seek out the owners of the building, so she looked to social media for help. She made a post on Facebook that said, "Northwest Arkansas- help me out! Anyone know anyone who works at Lawco? I painted their building and would love to gift it to them."

Then 68 likes and 10 comments later, the owner was found.

"I hope they see it for what it is," said Paige. "Just a gift from somebody who appreciates their willingness to work and provide something for the rest of their community."

After the owner commented on her Facebook post saying they should connect, Paige took the painting over to Lawco herself. CEO of Lawco, Randy Lawson, was thrilled to meet Paige and finally get to see the beautiful painting of the building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Paige has decided to do her part for Bentonville's Small Business Saturday this weekend by hosting a giveaway. She's asking the community to vote for their favorite businesses and the top three will receive custom paintings by Paige.

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  • Benny Hill

    Congratulations – this is the dumbest story of the week. I’m not sure how someone painting a building is “giving back.” And no one with any common sense cares.

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