Dealing With Political Talk At Thanksgiving Table

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Thanksgiving is just two weeks after the election, so it's likely that'll be a hot topic between the turkey and pie.

"Yeah, we'll talk about it," Brad Irby said. "But, we're all on the same side, so there's not much up for debate."

But for many, the 2016 election has taken an emotional toll.

A Psychological Association Survey shows more than half of all Americans say the election was a source of significant stress.

But, if things get too heated, some families already have a plan.

"In our family, we're kind of like-minded as far as who we voted for," Dona Banks said. "But extended family, we're not even sure who voted for who. If it does get to be too heated, we'll just change the subject to football or something."

While some families said they will be talking about politics at the Thanksgiving dinner tables, others are avoiding it altogether.

"It's a very controversial subject," Anthony Sinbandhit said. "We just definitely don't bring it up and we're just going to be grateful for what we have."

Experts said one way to handle politics at the table is to have a moderator.

"Lots of families are going to be getting together where they differ sharply," Georgetown University psychologist Fathali Moghaddam said. "Somebody who is accepted by everyone and who's more moderate and who would listen to both sides."

That person can focus on what bring the family together, rather than what divides it.

Sindbandhit's family is going to stick with topics of their own.

"Who knows, just the family stories that we've been telling of the past 20 or 30 years," Sinbandhit said. "The same ole same ole; food and family."

A new CNN poll finds 43 percent of Americans are eager to talk politics on Thursday (Nov. 24).



  • Diane Storch

    Some families have needed moderators at their kitchen tables long before this election. And the fact that part of the problem (the media) is telling people “how” to handle the political disagreements that they are partially responsible for is absolutely laughable. How about doing a story on the day of Thanksgiving and how it got started. I double-dog dare ya!

  • Word of Truth (@StoptheSpinNow)

    Why do you do a real story like the STARVATION IN VENEZUELA??? Or ALL THE PEDOPHILIA IN WASHINGTON?
    Oh I forgot thats not part of GEORGE SOROS narrative, You media people make me SICK
    Tell OBAMA to get us out of WAR!!! DONT TELL ME HOW TO TALK TO MY FAMILY #$%%^$^

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