Pizza Sales Spike Day Before Thanksgiving

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The Wednesday before Thankgiving boasts some of the highest pizza sales of the year for pizza restaurants around the country.

The Eureka Pizza store off Mission Blvd. in Fayetteville sees its sales double an average weekday, selling about 400 pies throughout the day.

General store manager Alex Zorn has worked with the company for seven years, and the third Wednesday of every November is always the busiest.

"It's usually really crazy," Zorn said. "The other stores I've been with, we have been closed early before, but overall, it can get pretty crazy."

The reasoning behind the pizza spike can be attributed to chaos of Thanksgiving dinner. Most people have already began their cooking or started their preparations for the big feast.

"Nobody wants to cook," Zorn said. "Everybody is coming into town. Family's coming in and everybody doesn't want to cook the day before. Why? Come to us and get a pizza."

Eureka Pizza customer Gerri McDowell backed up Zorn's statement when she walked into the store and purchased several pizzas.

"I've been busy all day getting prepared for [Thanksgiving] and I don't want to mess my kitchen up," chuckled Zorn. "I've got grand kids coming, so we're going to have pizza tonight."