Siloam Springs Refocuses Search Efforts For Missing Woman And Baby

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) — The massive search effort to find a Siloam Springs woman and baby who went missing earlier this month has been scaled back.

About 300 people have been involved in the search for Carol Davidson, 35, and her 18-month-old girl, RoseMarry, who have been missing since Saturday (Nov. 12), according to a city press release. After more than a week and a half of searching, the Siloam Springs police department is reorganizing and scaling back it’s direct search efforts.

Siloam Springs police will continue leading the search for Carol and RoseMarry, and they will be forming a team that will focus exclusively on solving the investigation, the release states. Other departments that have been helping with the search will return to their normal jurisdictions.

K9 searches will continue searching in the area where the van was recovered.

So far officers have collected more than 50 items, conducted 200 interviews and searched through 500 hours of security camera footage looking for clues, the release states. Additionally, more than 30 local, county, state, federal and other agencies have spent about 15,000 hours searching for and investigating leads that would lead to the pair. However, no leads have been fruitful yet.

“Even an unproductive lead brings value to us; it closes a door on a direction of the investigation and narrows our focus,” said Jim Wilmeth, Siloam Springs police chief. “There is no single theory to pursue, so multiple theories are being examined.”