Franklin County Deputy Loses Home In Fire

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OZARK (KFSM) — A Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputy known for helping those in need is now in need himself after a fire forced his family from their home.

“We built the first fire of the year and I was on the couch relaxing, watching television and [my wife] comes in and says, ‘why is the window smoking?'” Patrol Corporal Mason Berry said. “By then, the Ozark Fire Department showed up and took care of business.”

Berry is known for handing out what he calls Blessing Bags to those in need in his community. They’re filled with food, clothing and even money.

“My wife, Heather, and I and my mom — we put them together. They’ve just got little essential items you would need if you`re just down on your luck,” he said.

Now, the Ozark community is returning the blessings.

“The biggest thing we need is prayer,” Berry’s wife said. “We have some place to stay now. We didn’t lose a lot of our things.”

Deputies at the sheriff’s office are also helping out by covering Berry’s shifts while he makes arrangements after the fire.

“Even though Franklin County`s pretty short handed, they came to the rescue and let me have off as much time as I needed,” he said.

Anyone else wanting to help may do so through a GoFundMe account created for the couple.

And the family is trying to stay positive.

“I feel pretty good. We’ve been really blessed,” Heather Berry said. “This community`s been awesome to us. We both have really great families and support systems.”

While damages to the interior of the home are repaired, the Berry family is staying with a relative as they search for a new home.