City Says Lake Atalanta Trees May Have Been Taken Down By Big-Tooth Bandits

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ROGERS (KFSM) — In an update to a story that aired on 5NEWS Tuesday (Nov. 29), officials with the city of Rogers have said Wednesday they are not ruling out the five trees taken down around Lake Atalanta may have been the work of a beaver. However, they said they are also not ruling out vandalism either.

The Rogers Parks and Recreation Department is dealing with a case of vandalism at a park the city spent more than a year renovating.

Parks and Recreation Director Jim White said it looks like five trees were chopped down with hatchet at Lake Atalanta. Two on one side of the lake and three on the other. They do not believe it was the work of a beaver because they usually take the trees with them into the water and these trees were lying on the ground.

“We’re real happy with this park and when anything happens like this it’s disturbing. We don’t like any kind of vandalism,” White said.

All the trees were cut about two feet from the ground.

“I wouldn’t be willing to guess what someone’s motive was. Unfortunately, it appears to just be outright meanness,” White said.

White said it’s going to be more expensive to replace just a few trees than when the city bought a hundred plants just a few months ago.

“It’s nothing that we can`t fix, we can put it back. We`ll leave the investigating up to our authorities and we’ll just try to get things back like they were as fast as we can,” he said.

White thinks each tree is worth more than $100.

The suspect could face criminal mischief charges.

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