Centerton Police Sergeant Fired Following Wrongful Arrest

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- A sergeant at Centerton Police Department has been fired following the wrongful arrest of Fayetteville High School's starting running back, Terrance Rock.

Police Chief Cody Harper said a sergeant who supervised Rock's arrest was let go and another officer was disciplined.

“This shouldn`t have happened this time. We do have these processes in place now but unfortunately they were bypassed on this incident,” said Cody Harper.

Harper is also asking the mayor and city council members to allow some restructuring within the department, in hopes to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

He is asking for another detective and a lieutenant who will supervise all the patrol officers.

“That will allow us to have another level of supervision for our checks and balances and also be able to have the oversight through CID for all warrants and anything leaving the police department,” he said.

Harper plans to fill those positions with officers who already work for the department.

He feels he has the support he needs to reposition some of his officer and will propose the changes at the next city council meeting.

Terrance Rock's attorney Lance Cox said his client hasn't decided about what happens from here. They've decided to wait until Rock ends his football season.

“So he doesn`t have to think about any legal issues as he`s running up on tests, finals and of course the state championship game,” Cox said.

Rock was cleared of all charges and all permanent records of his arrest have been erased including his fingerprints and his bond has been returned.

A juvenile has been arrested in connection to the burglary and theft of property and police say he came forward after Rock was arrested.


  • Benny Hill

    How often does this happen? Firing someone for arresting the wrong person? Rarely. But when you’re afraid of being called “racist” you cower like a little b*tch and find a scapegoat instead of protecting your people like a real leader right Chief?

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