UAFS Responds To Racist Propaganda Flyers Posted On Campus

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Police at University of Arkansas- Fort Smith are investigating after racist propaganda was seen littered around campus.

"We're all people and we all have feelings and no one should think their opinion and their perspective is better than anyone else's," student, Megan Outlaw said.

Several students and professors reported seeing the white supremacists posters from American Vanguard Reaction America.

After the campus took notice of the flyers, some professors even brought up the topic in their classrooms.

"The majority of the class, obviously they were against it because of what the posters were talking about," student, Brandon Newton said. "They were against other people and all the other groups. Obviously that was a big deal."

Students say the approval process to post flyers on campus is lengthy.

"There has to be a stamp and everything, so you can't just go posting things all over the place," Outlaw said. "So, freedom of speech, yes, everyone is entitled to that, but on this campus, there are rules and something to follow and this is a prime example of why the university has those things in place."


The posters have since been taken down, according to university police.

"In my opinion, you should be ashamed for coming and degrading the campus like that and hurting people that way," Outlaw said.

The university released this statement: "The flyers in question did not have an university-approved-for-posting stamp, and did not go through any university posting approval procedures. Therefore, we have taken down the flyers. It is our priority to provide and promote an inclusive, welcoming campus to both our students and the Fort Smith community. These flyers do not represent, in any way, the views of the university."


    • arnold fudpucker

      You call someone a joker then accuse them of making “snide” remarks! More evidence of you being a whining lib. Typical of your kind to cry about someone having a different view than yours. Your tolerance extends only to yourself. Get a clue Dick, if that is really your name, the last election screams that we are tired of your ilk and your ways. By the way your name looks fake to many people Dickie boy!

      • Roger Head

        Dear Arnold, you are evidence of a whiny conservative wingnut. He was calling out the anonymous poster who won’t stand publically by their beliefs or statements. Similar to yourself. It’s obvious that this tolerance you accuse Mr. Drake of not having is something that you do not possess either. It’s apparent that you do not understand the concept of hypocrisy. That in it self speaks volumes. Now go ask your mother for a few more hours of computer time before she shuts off your access. Have a good day.

      • koufaxmitzvah

        You seem like one those special snowflakes, Arnie. Funny that you point to an election, in which your candidate lost by 2.5 million votes, as some kind of mandate. As your Fearful Leader would say: Sad.

      • arnold fudpucker

        Looks like my comment drew out a couple more whiners. One is still crying about losing an election fairly and the other attempts to be cute while pretending to be a Head. You and Dick should combine your time and your names! His first of course.

  • Scramus (@Scramus1)

    I’m reminded that the Alamo Foundation went to the Supreme Court for the right to place their materials in the public parking places in Fort Smith under your window wipers. They won. The poster placers could have went the alternative route and been completely in the clear. Freedom of speech–don’t cha know.

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