Centerton Police Officers Help Woman Decorate Home For Christmas

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- Two Centerton police officers are on the receiving end of Holiday praise after helping an elderly woman hang Christmas lights on her home.

In years past, Centerton resident Vickey Hill received help hanging her icicle lights and setting up a nativity display, but this year she wasn't as successful.

Hill said she would do the work, but she's disabled and unable to do the work herself.

After attempts to get help from those closest to her, Hill contacted the city hall to check if she could somehow get some help from someone in the community. She was then directed to the city's Facebook page, which is run by Mayor Bill Edwards.

"I've been wanting to get my Christmas lights put up and a nativity that's always been out in my front yard," Hill said. "It's a testimony of what Christmas is all about."

Edwards responded by posting Hill's request for help to the page's nearly 3,800 followers.

In less than two hours, Sergeant Alex Wallace saw the post and requested the help of Sergeant Johnathan Easterling.

"I responded to my other detective; I knew he had a ladder that was readily available," Wallace said. "[I] had him load up his ladder,  and I made sure it was okay with chief if we took about 20 minutes to go out and help this lady out."

Both men spent a small part of their Monday (Dec. 5) climbing ladders and untangling strands of lights as they worked to make Hill's home look Christmas-ready.

Wallace said Hill was extremely thankful and shared a touching moment he had with her.

"She actually broke down and started tearing up and said that she spent all night up trying to figure out how she was going to get these Christmas lights up," Wallace recounted. "I guess this is something that always been important to her in her life."

It's very important if you ask Hill. She called their work a "Christmas miracle."

"I was afraid my lights wouldn't get done and my nativity wouldn't get up," Hill said. "It was a Christmas spirit blessing, and I really appreciate what they did for me."


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  • Benny Hill

    Hoaxing media are attempting to “undo” all the harm they have done to law enforcement over the past several years by publishing stories like this. Don’t for one minute believe they are on the cop’s side now.

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