Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Heads Overseas To Visit State Troops

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Courtesy Mary Fallin/Twitter

MIDDLE EAST (KFSM) — Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin headed overseas this week to spend time with Oklahomans who are serving in the armed forces.

On Monday, she announced she would be traveling to the Middle East to visit with American troops.

She started her journey in Southeast Asia with members of the United States Air Force.

She took an aerial tour in a Black Hawk helicopter and later met with members of the Oklahoma National Guard before ending the day in Southwest Asia.

She said in her announcement:

“I am always impressed and inspired by our men and women in uniform. The risks they take and the sacrifices they make are unfathomable to most of us. Yet they remain committed to the mission command, and motivated to fight for our nation’s freedom.

“My deepest gratitude to their families and loved ones for their sacrifices, and to the businesses for whom these National Guard members work. Your support and encouragement is critical to both the success of this mission and these men and women.

“It will be wonderful to spend some time with these brave men and women in the coming days.”