3A Championship: Charleston Aims To Finish Season Perfect

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CHARLESTON (KFSM)--Undefeated Charleston had a small bump in the road early the 3A playoffs. Escaping with a 9-0 victory against Smackover, but since then they have been on a roll with back-to-back convincing victories. Leading them to the finals.

"That Smackover game was kind of a punch in the gut," said senior Jackson Rowland. "Ever since then we have kind of known more preparation is key. "

Their opponent on Saturday, Prescott, is a team Charleston has never faced before. Despite not having a history between the two, the Tigers feel just as  prepared as any other game this season.

"We have no past history with them, but there's tendencies, there's film work," said Charleston coach Greg Kendrick. "To be honest with you we are not worried about the team that's across from us we are worried about do everything we can to prep ourselves and be ready to execute our game plan."

Prescott also boasts an undefeated record, but that's not the only the similarity the Tiger's see with the Curly Wolves

"They are fast," said junior receiver Sean Michael Flanagan. "They like to play defense like us, and they like to run, and pass like us. It's just a pretty even ballgame I would think."

The Tigers' have accomplished all but one of their three goals they set prior to the season, but they are aiming to check off that finally one off their list on Saturday.

"We had three goals," said Kendrick. "Winning game one, winning a conference championship, and hopefully accomplishing our third goal of winning a championship."

Charleston will play Prescott for the 3A state championship in Little Rock at 6:30 p.m.